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Excerpts from Principles of Flight: Flying Bush Planes Through a World of War, Sexism, and Meat
by Bill Hatcher

This memoir is a psychosocial inquiry into hyper-masculinism. It takes place in Africa and Alaska around the time of 9/11 and the wars that followed. It is that also shines light on the emergence of a new manner of consciousness.
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A Father’s Effect on His Son
by Emilio Deherrera-Martinez

Human beings are born with five senses: sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch. We use these five senses to become aware of the things around us. These senses are connected to our brain; they are what create the memories that we come to cherish throughout life...
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by John Gilmore

In a tower
In a pavilion
On a floor
In a room
On a bed
I lie
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Yellow as the Bi-Ethnic Sun
by Tracy Bubb

Sunflowers and lemons warming in the sunlight. This image opens up our mind’s eye to see a very distinct color, yellow. Yellow according to the Online Etymology Dictionary means “’to shine’ with derivatives denoting ‘green’ and ‘yellow.’”
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Damascus Steel:
Still Using Its Old Nickname
by Yancey Sullivan

Through the ages, combat has been one of the most powerful forces behind technological development. Think about the men and women in the combat boots fighting for God and freedom.
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