Employee Bio


Bernadine Atencio

Assistant Director of Financial Aid - Valley Campus

Main 202 A

I have always had a passion for education and inspiring others to reach for their stars. Being goal-oriented and climbing my ladder of success guided me to work with a variety of different ages (Birth-Adults). I continue to pursue my dreams in a manner of high standards by accomplishing the achievement of three college degrees and different career paths. My degrees achieved are an Associates in Early Childhood, Bachelor's in Interdisciplinary Education (Early Childhood & Business) now during my learning avenues, I found that Business was a very enjoyable and interesting subject which has led to my connecting with exploring in the business field. Therefore, the passion continued so I decided to get my MBA in Public Administration. Now being the first of my family to graduate three times, as a single parent of three is a gift to myself and a role model for my children and others who might think education stops at a certain age. It doesn't. That being said, I carry different skills in the areas of Leadership, Coaching, Education Manager (Education, Disabilities & Mental Health), Customer Service and the passion of cooking, baking and creativity projects. The skills and experiences I have endured has only challenged me to use it towards other positions in helping others to achieve their desires and goals. Financial Aid is a new career path for me and there is lots to learn and I'm very grateful to be a staff member at Trinidad State.

I believe in the open door policy and I am here to help you. Stop by and say hi.

Please feel free to contact me via email.