Employee Bio


Ellen Hanson

Retention Specialist, Student Services - Valley Campus

Main 202 C

I grew up in the East not too far from Washington D.C. I went to the University of Maryland right out of high school but left college in my last semester as a senior. I realized, much later that I was not ready to go into the world and become a teacher; I had not lived enough to teach anybody anything! I went on to become an artist, had my own business, sold art for several years, and worked as a bartender too.

Just when I felt good about who I was and what I was doing, I fell in love and began a new chapter in life. It wasn’t until we relocated in the San Luis Valley with two small children that I realized I needed to complete my education. I travelled back to Maryland to get my Bachelor of Science as an Art Teacher, fully expecting to come back and have a job at a local elementary school in the Valley; that didn’t happen. I went on to make tools for therapists working with children and then fell into what I love: working with people who have not had ‘perfect’ lives.

I have done advocacy for victims of domestic violence, worked with people who have some deficits, and helped people find the resources they need to have quality in their life. I moved on to become a certified Life Coach, which led me to Trinidad State working with the TRiO Program as the Retention Specialist.

I believe that if I operate as my best self, then I can help you get what you need to succeed so you can achieve your goals. I came to realize that life experience is a good teacher - so going back to school as a “non-traditional student” may have been one of the best things I have done for my family and myself.

My motto and life mantra is "Live with Intention, Create Beauty, Embrace the Positive, Let the Rest Go." OR “Do good Be good”.

Please feel free to contact me via email.