Download the 2013 Educational Master Plan (pdf)

Development of the Educational Master Plan begins with input regarding possible new initiatives solicited from every area of the College in coordination with Division/Department Chairs and Deans. The Vice President of Academic Affairs then approves and summarizes the proposed new initiatives for submission to the President’s Staff for budget planning. New initiatives with the highest priority are fleshed out, and priorities are funded each year. The EMP includes items such as the need to insure seamless transfer to four-year institutions as one of its most important goals. TSJC has a large percentage of traditional transfer students. A new initiative for TSJC is to expand the seamless transfers for CTE students who now have the opportunity to transfer with an AAS degree. Many AAS programs have pathways to a bachelor’s degree. The College now has nine AAS articulation agreements. Whatever program is chosen, a priority of the College is that there will be a clear path from TSJC to the four-year colleges.

With new administrative personnel in place, the EMP was reviewed and revised. This process included an analysis of each item in the previous EMP and the progress made to date. The most recent update included embedding the new one-year abbreviated strategic plan into the document. As a result, the plan was divided into two sections – Year 1 and Years 2-5. Details of how to accomplish the plan’s objectives, as well as new initiatives, were developed by the administration, deans, and faculty.

Each new initiative in the EMP spells out what action is expected, by whom, how and when it will be completed, as well as budget requirements. Many year-one initiatives may not get funded as a result of limited revenue or lack of agreement on the priority of the initiative. Feedback will be provided by the President’s Staff once the decisions are made so that everyone knows which items are funded. Unfunded items are moved to the next year after appropriate revisions.