Bloodlines ~ Fiction

Our students and faculty at Trinidad State Junior College find the time for creative endeavors, whether they are related to coursework or inspired by their life experiences. I hope you, the reader, will enjoy our submissions for this issue of Bloodlines. The work featured here presents a variety of perspectives from faculty and students, and draws from personal life experience, interests, and research. Each selection promises to be thought provoking and engaging.

We hope you will enjoy the work presented here—and maybe even be inspired to create your own!

One Pill

by Jessica Bellar

She takes this one pill. It makes her nauseated and lethargic. The next day she takes it again. She takes a nap and wakes up. Upon waking up she is excited and realizes that something has changed in her, something for the positive.

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by Michael McKnight

My alarm has sounded 3 times now and all I want to do is go back to sleep. Back to the familiar. You’d think I would be excited, maybe even nervous. But truth is, I can’t imagine school being any different on this planet than it is on earth. The natural resources on earth have vanished, used to extinction and all the people of earth were forced to relocate to our new home, Pandora. Filled with lush green trees and flowing bodies of water, that are very similar to the ones we had on earth but for some reason, it just doesn’t feel like home.

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