Employee Bio


Donna Briones, MA

Adjunct Instructor, ECE - Valley Campus

Donna Briones, MA, is a Early Childhood adjunct professor at TSJC Valley campus for the last 5 years and Executive Director – I have over 30 years experience in training and education with minors. Donna has administered and managed federally, state and locally funded programs through SAMHSA- CSAP and CSAT, ACF-Head Start, CO Dept. of Ed.-Title 1 Funding, CO Dept. of Health & Human Services, Coors Foundation, for the prevention, treatment, educational and Head Start programs. I have been administering the Preschool (Head Start) program in Del Norte, Colorado since 2005.

I hold a Masters degree in Education with an emphasis in Language Literacy and Culture, a Graduate Certificate, in Educational Leadership, from the University of Denver (DU) and a Early Childhood Professional Credential Level V from the Office of Early Childhood, Colorado Department of Health and Human Services and the Office of Early Learning and School Readiness, Colorado Department of Education.

My experience is that of a hands-on administrator/educator in which I instruct and guide current staff/students in classroom management, content standards and curriculum development and implementation.

I have a tremendous amount of education and experience in working with multiple populations, partnerships, funding sources, budgeting, data collection, reporting, managing and supervising diverse staff.

On a program /organizational level, I have purposely advocated and developed programming to promote positive change. I have a strong commitment to the values of the field of education. I welcome diversity in staff and am united by a profound respect for human dignity and by a desire to serve the disenfranchised. I believe people deserve excellence in service and education. I challenge myself and those around me to be progressive pioneers that utilize change, to find innovative methods of meeting the educational needs of youth & adults. I believe our work should be fulfilling, satisfying, offer personal and professional development, and provide leadership and learning opportunities.

I relate to my staff and students by sharing my family history of being a native of the San Luis Valley. I believe that by sharing of myself, demonstrates, that I can relate and offer a multitude of assistance, education and service. Thus, allowing us to work side by side to address their educational needs and other requirements.

My values are: integrity, dignity, respect, honesty and responsibility to the greater whole.

The greatest and most fulfilling challenge I commit to is the continual process of walking the talk, which I strive to integrate into each one of the programs that I lead. By adhering to the following principles: First, honor and celebrate diversity among people (staff and youth) encompass an empowering force, which facilitates movement beyond life's challenges. Second, meaningful change and movement occurs when one walks beside - rather than behind or in front of those one is attempting to serve or educate. People are empowered - not when pushed or led - but when given support, care and new tools and skills. Third, the only way to effectively impact the future of our children is to address the educational needs and issues of all involved: the child, the family and the community.

I am committed to give, learn and apply my leadership and educational skills in my quest of “walking the talk.”

Please feel free to contact me via email.