Employee Bio


Sue Nesbitt

Faculty, Psychology & Human Services - Trinidad Campus

Library 310

I taught in a Human Services program in Chicago and surrounding area for 20+ years both undergrad and grad. Served as Dept Chair for several years and clinical coordinator for the full time I was there. This included supervising internships. Also had a private practice. Have an MSW and Ph.D. Had ACSW, LCSW and LCPC licenses but have not kept them up since I no longer have a practice. Have published and presented at conferences and was on the National Board for Human Service Education for some time. Currently starting up the Human Services program at TSJC.

I am a member of BOD for Health Solutions and do volunteer work at Trinidad Correctional Facility where I facilitate the 7 habits of highly effective people program and also conduct a grief support group. I am active with the communities that care project.

Please feel free to contact me via email.