OSH - Transfer Options

Trinidad State photo
My name is Amy Shepherd and I have been in the Environmental Health and Safety field for almost 13 years. I’m currently working for Bechtel International. I enjoyed my journey with Trinidad State Junior College. The professors and advisors were very attentive. They do everything in their power to help the students succeed in their courses. They promoted and encouraged interactions between students, which becomes very valuable as you progress further in the program.

For me, the most exciting projects were the ones that required a mentor. Being out in the field and putting the classroom lessons into action is a valuable tool for an up-and-coming safety professional. When you embrace those types of activities, you discover an opportunity to build a professional mentoring relationship that will aid you far beyond your time in the Occupational Safety and Health program. Those relationships will continue to help you grow after walking across that stage and getting your diploma.

By completing the Occupational Safety and Health program at Trinidad State Junior College, I am better equipped with tools I can use out in the field and job aids that will help me implement physical and cultural safety improvements on future projects.