2019 TSJC/RETAC EMS Symposium

2019 TSJC/RETAC EMS Symposium
“Making A Difference”

EMS Symposium
  • All courses are approved for EMS CEUs. 28+ CEUs will be offered in three days!!
  • All classes will be held at SLV Health Foundation Education & Conference Center 1921 Main St Alamosa, CO.
  • Join other emergency care providers for a weekend of EMS training
  • For more information about the symposium call 719-589-7046 or 719-846-5524.

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Or download a form and mail registrations to:
Trinidad State Junior College
Attention - Andrea Cherne EMS
1011 Main
Alamosa, CO 81101

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$125 - Register by February 10th
$150 - Same day registration
$75 - One day pre-registration

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Friday, February 15, 2019

09:00 – 10:30
Peds Assessment:  Laura Henson
Assessment of pediatric patients
Complacency Vs. Passion:   Fidel Garcia
Ensure that you are operating as a motivated care provider in EMS
Alternative Airway Management:   Travis Koppenhafer
Utilization of Supraglottic Airways, CPAP, and BiPAP

CREATE Grant Preparation Tips:   Ron Seedorf
Insider information on how to prepare a successful CREATE Grant
Case Studies:   Sara Loggin
Trauma and Medical Case Studies from the Field
Trauma Martini on the Rocks: Mining Trauma Made Easy:   Reuben Farnsworth
Delve into the unique injuries and MOI that occur in mining operations

12-Lead Rhythm Review:   Flint Smith
Don’t forget what you knew

Dementia:  Fidel Garcia & Deb Haverfield
Appropriate scene management of the Dementia Patient
Pediatric Care Updates:   Travis Koppenhafer
Updates to pediatric prehospital care

Insulin Pumps:   Yvette O’Brien
Interacting with patients with insulin pumps
What’s Your Sign? Assessment signs for EMS:  Reuben Farnsworth
Identify the myriad of trauma and medical signs in your patient
Capnography:   Lisa Werts
What capnography can tell us about our patient’s?

The Problem with Pregnancy:   Christine Davis
Medical challenges of pregnancy
Autistic Patients 2.0: Chris and Dashanda Valesey
How to best manage autistic patients
Why it May not be the Panacea You Think:   Reuben Farnsworth
When to use and when not to use oxygen on your patients

Saturday, February 16, 2019

IV Updates:   Jon Montano
New skills for those who are currently IV certified providers

Pediatrics:   Gina Scarborough
Prehospital care of pediatrics
Violent Encounters and Teen Safety:   Reuben Farnsworth
Case studies and discussion on how to improve provider safety
Suspension Injuries:   Dale Arvidson

VAD & Other Cardiac Requirements:   Melissa Rach
ALS required course on ventricular assist devices
Special Needs Children:   Fidel Garcia
Appropriate treatment of a wide variety of special needs children
STB Train the Trainer:   Robyn Wolverton
Learning how to use and train on the operation of the STB tourniquet

State of the State EMS:   Jeanne Marie Bakehouse
Update on state policies and procedures

Getting Your Hands On:   Mark and Lisa Werts
Medical and trauma hands-on scenarios
Birthin’ Babies:   Angie Medina                                        (limited to 8)
Delivering a baby in various situations using the birthing mannequin
Review Gains:   Reuben Farnsworth
Compete with fellow attendees on EMS knowledge

Patient Assessment:   Flint Smith
Finding all the details in your patient assessments

Back to Basics Splinting & Bandaging:   Flint Smith

Ensuring your splinting skills are on point
Sunday, February 17, 2019

PALS Recert:   Arleen Harms                       (limited to 8)
Recertification for current or recently lapsed PALS providers
BLS CPR Recert:   Gary Haverfield
Recertification for current or recently lapsed CPR providers

Let’s do Drugs…Again:   Betsey Strawn & Christine Davis
Hands-on practice with drug calculations and administration (BLS &ALS)
My Ticker Isn’t Ticking Right:   Mark Werts
An MI from the other side of the stretcher

Carfentanil- Opioids on Steroids:   Don Dustin
Review of narcotics in general and risks to first responders
Alex, I’ll take Litigation for $1 Million:   Reuben Farnsworth
Case studies on the hurdles and pitfalls of a refusal

EMS Game:   Chris & Dashanda Valesey
Friendly (or not) competition with fellow EMS providers