Line Technician

Mission Statement
The Line Technician program prepares students for employment by providing skills, knowledge and practice of electrical line procedures.


  • AAS - Line Technician
  • Certificate - Line Technician
  • Certificate - Electrical Technology Fundamentals
  • AAS - Power Construction Supervision
  • AAS - Rocky Mountain Line Technician
  • Certificate - Rocky Mountain Line Technician
  • AAS - Southern Colorado Line Technician
  • Certificate - Southern Colorado Line Technician

Program Learning Outcomes
Students graduating with a Line Technician certificate or Associate of Applied Science degree will be prepared to:

  • Diagnose electrical problems.
  • Install and repair power lines.
  • Apply theory to practical situations of electrical line procedures.
  • Demonstrate the ability to think critically, and effectively communicate resolutions.
  • Work in a team environment.

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