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Students, faculty, staff, board members… are invited to share their expertise, talents, hobbies with each other. This could be academic or just fun. So far we have had a bit of a history lesson about this area, an opportunity to learn something about handwriting analysis, civil war sharpshooters and a “There is no such thing as a dumb jock,” presentation. Music, art, stand-up comedy, hobbies, sharing ideas on a particular topic…we welcome it all. The purpose is to have a good time and get to know each other. So if you, or a group of you, have something to share contact me in room 310 in the Library or at or ext. 5510. I also have a mailbox on the wall outside of the room if you want to leave a note and I’m not there. Students can earn up to $45 in vouchers at the bookstore depending on how many show up for their presentation so be sure to invite your friends. Faculty and staff are also compensated. Also, it is possible for faculty to earn professional development credit for attending or presenting.

Click here to let me know what you would like to see presented and anyone you would like to see do something!

Positive Highlights


Trinidad Campus
Valley Campus
There are bulletin boards around the campus with the TSJC positive logo. Check them out and add your own positive comments. You will also find some surprises.

Positive People & Comments

The following people have been mentioned on the “WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE” BB by at least one person who appreciates them and what they do. Some specific comments are included next to a name. Others simply posted a name or group they appreciate. The fact there are no specific comments does not mean they are any less appreciated.

I had an extremely tough 1st semester and really was not mentally/emotionally capable of even connecting faces with names nor did faces even look familiar from one class to the next. This semester has been somewhat easier and I have come to notice an d recognize those that are and have been around me the most. Melissa is one that always sits at the very back of the class so she does not make herself very noticeable. The few conversations we have had and the many assigned "Discussions" that we are required to read and respond to (obviously some shared passions) have always been interesting and shows what a good person she probably truly is.
from Regina Woodruff
David Barrack
Always there with a kind, encouraging word. He is one of the best!
Thank you Berna for being the best at what you do
Ruth Blasi
Thank you Ruth Blasi: for always helping with a smile…great customer service
Thank you Darrious You are amazing
Tori Eckes
Thanks you Tori Eckes for creating such a positive relationship with Trinidad State and the Trinidad Workforce center
Lori Holdread
thanks for being here to help no matter what
Thanks Kathy for all of your hard work down at the bookstore! & Kathy thank you for making sure that I was eating and taking care of myself
Julie Kotalik Robert Miller
Thank you for being an awesome instructor
Kandy Ruiz
I thank you for all the help that guided me in the right path. I couldn’t do it without you
Elise Russel Carmen Simone Sue
Thanks for doing this
Darrel V
...always helping + I agree
Peggy Weurding
Thank you for being patient with me and helping me get classes that I enjoy
Cliff Wiening
Willing to help and cleaned D-228 wonderfully
Dan Wilson Donna, Lorrie, Kerry, Carman, Julie, David, Elise and Dan
Thank you for making the positive institution project possible. It is great to get such support and help.

Think Positive” pins are available. If our roving student sees you wearing one you can ask for a prize from the basket they are carrying. You may be stopped even if you don’t have one!

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