Mission Statement

The Arts and Humanities Program develops curriculum and delivers instruction to stimulate intellectual and imaginative curiosity; critical and creative thinking; and varied means of expression to prepare culturally literate, ethical, and civically-engaged citizens for a global and technologically sophisticated world through interdisciplinary education.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate proficiency in applying concepts and terminologies related to major movements, genres, artists, thinkers, theories, and forms.
  • Demonstrate proficiency with creative or communicative processes within the arts and humanities.
  • Exhibit an appreciation of the arts and humanities within their cultural, historical, contemporary and global context.
  • Demonstrate technical skills in areas of application within the arts and humanities.
  • Demonstrate an aesthetic appreciation for, and critical analysis of, visual, musical, or other non-verbal forms of expression within the arts and humanities.

General Education Requirements - 38 credit hours*

The general education requirement for this degree program may exceed the minimum standard number of hours. For more information, contact your advisor.