Continuing & Community Education

At Trinidad State we believe learning should never stop. Our Continuing & Community Education offerings can provide you training to enhance your performance at work, help you explore a new field, unlock a solution to one of life’s problems or get you started with a new hobby.

Get inspired, re-energize yourself or learn a new skill – we’re ready to help. Along the way you’ll make new friends and might even uncover a hidden talent you never knew you had!

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For more details contact:
Donna Haddow, Coordinator
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For more details contact:
Donna Haddow, Coordinator
Call 719-846-5724

Want to share your knowledge? Trinidad State is THE place!
Do you have knowledge, ideas or passions that you would like to share with others? Have a great idea for a class you'd like to teach? Consider teaching a community education class. Planning for future classes is always underway.

Classes or workshops can run anywhere from a few hours to an entire semester – or share your information through a short presentation.

Please note:
Continuing/Community Education fees are kept as reasonable as possible to make the program accessible. Continuing/Community education classes are non-credit and do not count toward any degrees or certificates and do not transfer to other institutions. They are not eligible for financial aid.


Learn the Art of Photography with four-hour workshops

Take one or all seventeen classes, each for $35
Classes are on Saturdays from 12:30-4:30, Berg 309 at Trinidad State (unless otherwise noted in the course description)
Sign up early, each class is limited to 15 students!

Call Donna Haddow at (719) 846-5724 to sign up today!

Brad Kirby has had a commercial photography studio since 1986 and has been teaching photography for the last six years at Collin County Community College in Dallas, Texas.

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  • Basic (4.5 Hours)

    In the Basic Photography course you’ll learn about the camera and its controls, including f-stops, shutter speeds and ISO. You will learn how to manually set your camera to take great photographs in various conditions and know how you did it. You will need a camera that can be set on manual mode and be capable of f-stop adjustment, changing shutter speeds and changing the camera’s sensitivity (ISO). Please bring the operating manual for your camera to the workshop. This is a 4 ½ hour class, which starts at noon.
  • Advanced

    The Advanced Photography course gets into different lenses and flashes you can use to create stunning photographs. You will learn how to set the color balance on your camera, the focusing points on auto focus that you can set and metering the light in your camera. Pre-requisite for this course is the Basic Photography workshop, or knowledge of how to set f-stops, shutter speed, ISO and the operation of your camera in manual mode.
  • Photoshop

    The Photoshop course will be held in the digital lab in the Boyd Building at Trinidad State Junior College. In this workshop you will learn how to process your digital images and modify them using Photoshop. You will need to have some computer skills to take this workshop.
  • Seeing Creatively

    In the Seeing Creatively course you will learn how to see like a photographer. You will learn how to compose a photograph from top to bottom. You will start to understand contrasts in light and the best times to shoot your outdoor photographs. This workshop is for the creative side of photography and is less about the operation the camera. This workshop is for everyone who wants to take better photographs. Those taking this course should have already taken the Basic Photography workshop or already know the functions of their camera.
  • Landscape/Nature

    You will learn about shooting outdoors. From long vistas to close-ups, learn which lens to use for the shot that is in front of you. Learn the best times for landscape photography and how to catch wildlife in their environment and produce great shots of them.
  • People/Portrait

    Photographing people is a very popular workshop. I will show which lens works best for portraits, how to get the best look from the model, and how to light your subject using available light. I also talk about using an on-camera flash, as well as shooting with available light. Take this workshop and get better at photographing your family and friends.
  • Night/Low Light

    Description soon…
  • Black & White Film

    Black and White Film course goes back to the old fashioned way of shooting and processing of black and white film. Watch me shoot, and process 4x5 inch B/W film at the workshop. This class shows how it was when film was king, and the process we went through to get a great shot. No camera needed for this class.
  • Black & White Darkroom

    Black and White Darkroom course gets into the black and white printing in a darkroom. Watch and learn how to print large B/W prints including techniques like burning and dodging. We will start with a B/W negative and produce a large B/W print during the workshop. No camera needed for this workshop.
  • Sports Action

    Sports/Action is about photographing fast action. High shutter speeds and long lenses will help you in this workshop, but don’t let that stop you from taking this class.
  • Wedding/Event
    May 20

    This course will show you how to shoot people in low light situations, with and without a flash. You will learn what shots are normally expected at weddings and events. After taking this course, you will also be able to take better photographs at your next party.
  • Architectural

    Description soon…
  • Studio Lights

    Description soon…
  • Product/Food

    Description soon…
  • Studio Portrait

    Description soon…
  • Commercial Photography

    Description soon…
  • Business of Photography

    Description soon…