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Trinidad State opens virtual bookstores

Trinidad State/ July 2, 2015

College bookstores have always included paper, markers and apparel bearing the school logo, plus of course, text books. But soon Trinidad State’s campus bookstores in Trinidad and Alamosa will follow a national trend and take a major step away from the books.

The college has partnered with eCampus, an online company that specializes in selling and renting new and used books to college students. Digital versions are also available for those who are more comfortable lugging a laptop.

“It’s going to go into effect on July 20,” said Director of Administrative Services Bryan Bryant. “Ultimately it will be integrated so that a student will be able to log on, it will pull their registration from Banner (class registration software) and get their course list and be able to show the list of books they need for their class schedule.” Digital books will be delivered through the internet, while text books will be shipped and should arrive in about two days.

A kiosk has been installed in each bookstore. “If a student walks into the bookstore and says, ‘Where are the books?’ we can say, ‘We’ll help you right here’ and walk someone through it,” said Bryant. Students can also order online.

The rest of the inventory at the bookstores will be pretty much the same. The school will continue to offer tools and supplies needed for hands-on programs like welding, auto repair and nursing. The bookstores will still stock spirit wear, classroom supplies and even snacks. Because of Trinidad State’s renowned Gunsmithing Program, the Trinidad Campus bookstore will continue to have a Federal Firearms License.

For the student, Bryant believes this means additional options and more buying power. Returning students can sell a book to eCampus and opt to take a credit instead of cash, for which eCampus will provide a bonus on their next book purchase. “So if we have a returning sophomore and they had decided to take that, they’d basically get a 20 percent premium,” Bryant explained. Students who continue on to a four-year college or university can keep their eCampus account for future text book needs.

“I think the larger colleges will still have on-campus bookstores, but I think the smaller colleges will be going this way pretty quickly,” said Bryant.

Enrollment is open for the fall semester on both campuses. Classes begin on August 24. For more information call 800-621-TSJC or visit