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Scholarship Donor-Foundation Agreement

  • To establish a named or endowed scholarship fund with the College Foundation, the donor must complete the Scholarship Agreement form. The director of the Foundation is available to clarify items on the form and assist the donor in making decisions related to the criteria for awards. A prospective donor may call the Foundation Office (719)846-5520 to schedule an appointment or to receive guidance over the telephone.
  • The Scholarship Agreement form should be returned to the Foundation Office with a check or money order made out to the Trinidad State Junior College Education Foundation. Donors who wish to make their gift by credit card will need to contact the Foundation Office for assistance.
  • Changes or revisions may be made to the Scholarship Agreement at a future date at the discretion of the donor; however, changes will not take effect until after an award cycle has been completed if the scholarship has already been advertised in the scholarship brochure.
  • Donors are encouraged to keep the criteria for awards as broad as possible to assure that the scholarship can be awarded. The director of the Foundation can assist a prospective donor with this.

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Minimum Scholarship Awards

The minimum scholarship award to eligible students will be $500.

Endowed Scholarships

  • An endowed scholarship may be established in the name of the donor or in another name specified by the donor with an initial minimum gift of $25,000. The endowment will be allowed to grow for the first year or until such time that 50 percent of the appreciation and/or dividends or interest from the endowed account is sufficient to make the minimum award specified by the donor. The corpus of the endowed account is defined as that amount originally endowed by the donor plus any future endowed amounts contributed to the fund by the donor.
  • A donor may under some circumstances start an endowed scholarship fund with a smaller gift, but at that time he or she will be required to submit a viable plan to bring the endowment to the $25,000 level within four years starting from the date that the endowment was established.
  • Although no scholarship awards will be made from an endowed fund until the corpus can generate sufficient income and appreciation to make the initial award, a donor may fund the scholarship awards separately with an additional gift annually until such time that the endowed fund has grown sufficiently to make the stipulated awards.
  • Appreciation and dividends or interest from invested accounts will be pro-rated to the endowed and General Scholarship fund balances on a quarterly basis.

Gifts to the General Scholarship Fund may be of any amount.

Adopted 10/20/2004

The Foundation's mission is to support the growth and development of Trinidad State Junior College.