If you need to ship your firearms and/or tools to the school, they should be addressed to yourself in care of the school. The firearm will be received in our mail room and given to the Gunsmithing Department to place in the gun vault. If you ship through UPS or FedEx, and get a pre-paid shipping label, you will be able to ship the gun back through our mailroom. If you do not get a pre-paid label, you may take the firearm to the local UPS center – UPS’s only receives packages for shipping between 4:30 and 6:00 p.m.

Please address your package to the school as follows:
Trinidad State Junior College
Attn: John Doe, NRA Student
600 Prospect Street
Trinidad, CO 81082

Handguns must be shipped by overnight air.

If you have any questions about shipping firearms, please call David Walker in the tool room at 719-846-5469.

The College mailroom is located on the first floor of the Berg Building.

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