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High level NRA training happens at Trinidad State

Trinidad Campus / September 28, 2018 / Written by Greg Boyce

A class of thirteen from across the West gathered at Trinidad State this week to become NRA Training Counselors. This is part of Trinidad State’s one-of-a-kind NRA Certified Training Center. The only other place this training happens is at NRA Headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia.

Trinidad State photoThe students are all already NRA Instructors, according to Jim Hamilton, who teaches in the Trinidad State program. This is the next level of training for them. “These individuals will be going out to Wyoming, Arizona, where ever they’re from and they will be setting up and teaching instructors on their own,” said Hamilton. “They’ll be teaching them how to use the various lesson plans for the disciplines. Each instructor plan is discipline specific. So these new training counselors can only train individuals in areas they have already been certified in.” That might include a variety of subjects, including rifle, pistol, personal protection in the home, even reloading ammunition.

The instructors in this class are from NRA headquarters in Virginia. The students are from Colorado, Texas, Arizona, Kansas, and Wyoming. Instruction includes classroom lecture and exercises as well as shooting at Prator Gun Range.

Suggested caption: NRA Instructor Debbie Crews (standing) teaches a class of 13 students in Trinidad State’s NRA Certified Training Center on Wednesday, September 26. One student is from Trinidad, the rest are from Colorado, Texas, Arizona, Kansas and Wyoming.

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