Adult Education Services

Offering instruction in Basic Literacy, GED preparation and English as a Second Language.

Common Questions

? Do I have to take a course and/or practice tests before I take the GED test?
No, but it is highly recommended for all students. Even if the student is very knowledgeable and academically ready to take the test, enrolling in a GED preparation program allows the student to review the test material and actually take the Practice GED tests, which are written in the same format as the actual GED test.
?What is included in the GED tests?
Language Arts, Writing - Part I and II (Essay) Language Arts, Reading Social Studies Science Mathematics, Part I (calculator use allowed) and II (no calculator)
?How long does it take to get my GED?
This all depends on the student. When enrolled in one of the TSJC Program, each student is given a series of tests which help the instructors determine the level and the degree of instruction needed in each of the subject areas. From that point, it all depends on the time and effort the student is able to put into their studies, as well as simply how "fast" he/she is able to learn the material. Everyone is different and that is why an individualized program works so well.
?I heard that the GED test is changing and my old scores will be gone!
In January of 2014, the NEW GED 2014 test was implemented. If you completed your GED before this, then this change does NOT affect you. If you began your test before January, 2014, but did not finish it, then those partial scores will no longer apply and you will have to start all over. In 2014 all GED tests will be computerized.