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Career and Technical Education

CTE stands for "Career and Technical Education," a type of program that aims to link students with tangible work skills and connections to various industries. Our programs make sure the lessons that students learn are aligned with industry standards, meant to ensure students are learning up-to-date skills and techniques.

In the next decade, the United States will have 51,000,000 job openings that can be filled by CTE graduates. Of those 51 million jobs, 16,000,000 will be new, meaning they either didn’t exist in the past or they were created to address rising demand in different areas. That’s an incredibly strong career outlook, especially for students who don’t need a two- or four-year degree to earn those careers.

In fact, CTE graduates who pursue careers after high school have similar income opportunities as any other educated group of their peers. In other words, you don’t have to be a software developer to make a good living.

- Valley Campus
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Trinidad State's extensive Agriculture program opportunities are designed to prepare students for the application of skills in areas such as agribusiness, animal and crop science, agriculture mechanics for the agricultural industry and more.

- Trinidad Campus and Valley Campus
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The Automotive Service Technology Program is designed to train students for employment and specialized training in the automotive industry. The instruction is focused in the following areas: Electrical Systems, Automatic Transmission/Transaxle, Brakes, Engine Repair, and more.

- Valley Campus
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Prepare for an in-demand career in computer information systems (CIS). TSC offers courses in network administration, cybersecurity, cloud-based computing, database administration, technology in agriculture, and more.

- Trinidad Campus
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Through a partnership with the Colorado Attorney General’s Office, derelict houses facing demolition will be renovated and sold. Students will spend their mornings in class and their afternoons at the job site. Students will have access to equipment normally expected on a job site, including power tools, ladders, and safety equipment.

- Trinidad Campus and Valley Campus
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The Cosmetology Program at Trinidad State is designed to prepare students for the Colorado State Cosmetology Licensure examination with courses in hair and scalp treatments, hairstyling and haircutting techniques, coloring, chemical relaxers, facial massage/skin care, sanitation, laws, rules, and regulations.

- Trinidad Campus
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The Gunsmithing Degree Program that is designed to train individuals with the basic concepts and skills needed by the professional gunsmith. Coursework at the basic and advanced level includes: bench metal, machining operations, gun repair, stockmaking, checkering, bluing and more.

- Colorado Springs Campus
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The Line Technician Program at Trinidad State (Rocky Mountain Line Technician - RMLT) is designed to prepare students to build, repair, and maintain electrical distribution systems for private and public utility companies, and related employers.

- Valley Campus
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The Medical Assistant Professional program is designed to prepare students for clinical responsibilities such as review of a patient’s medical history; pre-examination tasks; and support/assistance to the physician during the exam. Many clinical medical assistants are responsible for drawing a patient’s blood, processing lab specimens, and other clinically related duties.

- Trinidad Campus
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Trail Management and Construction (Trailbuilding) is an integrated program covering planning, design, construction, and maintenance of sustainable trails in a wide variety of terrains and ecosystems. Crew leadership, safety, project supervision, and contracting considerations are included along with heavy equipment operations and mechanized trail construction methods.

- Valley Campus
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Unmanned Aviation Systems (UAS) is an important emerging technology with an expanding range of applications. Drones are being used regularly in energy, agriculture, transportation, emergency services, natural resources, photography, mapping, recreation, and the list is growing. The program focuses on training an upcoming and needed workforce to become safe and proficient pilots.

- Trinidad Campus and Valley Campus
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The Welding Technology program is designed to prepare students for professional welding construction and fabrication work. Students will receive instruction in the classroom and on projects by a NCCER Certified Instructor. Students will be taught workplace safety, applied mathematics, in addition to hands-on supervised instruction in oxyacetylene, tungsten and structural welding, pipe welding and metal arc.

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