The FY19-20 Capital Construction 5-Year Plan addresses and supports the institution’s stated goals of elevating student enrollment levels, program growth, and community support by completing the following projects to improve learning and engagement for students and other stakeholders as stated in the abbreviated strategic plan:

Short-Term Plan

Berg Fourth Floor Remodel
Provide improvement to an area currently minimally used due to inadequate HVAC, poor air quality, lighting and structural inadequacy.  The fourth floor is mostly utilized for storage with some classroom space for Continuing Education courses and is a safety hazard in many aspects.  The priority is to address significant health, life safety, code and air quality issues.  The space is currently underutilized and can be converted to functional usage and improve building efficiently, providing sorely needed office space for full-time and part-time faculty and enhance instructional delivery and community service activities on campus.  This remodel would also incorporate a gender neutral restroom facility and update existing restrooms to today's ADA standards.

Freudenthal Library Renovation
Renovation to provide learning commons of the library and modernize to meet student academic needs.

Long Term Plan

  • Massari Renovation
  • Renovate theater appearance and equipment as current equipment is not repairable as the technology is no longer in use
  • Banta Renovation
  • Aesthetically and technologically modernize to enhance program delivery.
  • Valley Campus CTE Upgrade/Expansion
  • Upgrade existing CTE lab spaces and expansion for additional lab space.