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Living on the Trinidad Campus

The Trinidad campus of Trinidad State College has 4 residence halls with capacity for over 300 students. Two residence halls house women and two residence halls house men. The rooms are double occupancy, single occupancy requests may be made by second year students but are not guaranteed until after room assignments have been issued. Residence Hall students must purchase a meal plan. Each residence hall is supervised by RA’s, Residence Coordinators, Director of Housing & Student Life and the Hall Director.

Students living in the residence halls are expected to abide by Trinidad State’s standards of conduct, which are published in the Student Handbook but also are expected to follow the Residence Hall Handbook as well. Students living in on-campus housing at TSC must have the 19 meal plan for their first semester of residency. First year students are also expected to live with a roommate unless they are in the gunsmithing program or have an individually documented need requiring a different accommodation. The housing staff and College expect you to be an effective citizen of the Trinidad State community.

Semester Hour Requirement

Students living on campus must be enrolled and remain enrolled for the duration of the semester. Any part-time student (6 credits or less) requesting housing reservation application will be reviewed on a case by case basis. A student who withdraws or drops all classes will be provide up to 48 hours to move out of the residence hall. The entire housing deposit is nonrefundable.

Immunization Policy

Colorado law requires that all full-time students born after January 1, 1957, show proof of immunization against measles, mumps, and rubella. As of July 2005, Colorado law requires proof of meningitis immunization for all students who reside in a residence hall. Proof of immunization is required at the time of registration. Students WILL NOT be allowed to move in to a residence hall without proof of immunization records. Immunization records will be required for an application for a residence hall room to become valid.
| Immunization Certificate for College Students |

Criminal History Background Check

Each student requesting to stay in a residence hall is required to identify if they have a criminal background. Failure to identify a criminal background history may result in the immediate removal from a residence hall. Residence Hall applicants who indicate a pending charge or conviction for a felony, Class A, and/or Class B misdemeanor may have their application denied.

Room Cancellations

In the event you need to make a room cancellation prior to the first day of classes, for any semester, please call 719.846.5458. Please remember that room cancellations may result in the loss of the housing deposit. Any cancellation notifications after the first day of classes may result in prorated room and meal plan charges. Failure to check into the hall while attending TSC will not cancel your room and meal plan contract. An enrolled and attending student will be charged for these services.

Contract Information

The Residence Hall Contract is a legally binding document between the STUDENT residing in the residence hall and Trinidad State College. No subletting or cohabitation of any type is permitted. Cohabitation is a visitor other than the student listed on the contract staying in a room for an extended period of time (3 nights). The Residence Hall Contract is valid for one (1) academic year. The Residence Hall Contract is considered to be terminated at the end of one (1) academic year. Failure to meet the requirements for housing, disciplinary action resulting in the removal from the residence hall, failure to meet with the Housing Office by census date, or early withdrawal as determined by the college may result in the loss of the housing deposit. As part of the Resident Hall Contract, the student is responsible for items provided by the college at the time of move-in (keys, furniture, fixtures, structure, etc.). The student has the opportunity to preview the room and is encouraged to make notes regarding the condition of items provided by the college. It is extremely important that you carefully and thoroughly examine the items and make notes as to their condition to avoid being charged for pre-existing damages when you check out. Sign the room condition sheet only when it accurately represents the condition of the room at the time you take responsibility for it. If items provided by the college are damaged, the student who the items were provided to is responsible for restitution. Failure to complete the contract for any reason, other than disciplinary removal from the residence hall and/or college, may result in the student being held to the remainder of the cost of the contract period.