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Library Card Catalog

Subject Browse -
This works like the “Subject Headings” search.

Author or Name Browse -
This search gives variant headings and subheadings attached to people’s names.

Author or Name Headings -
Works like the “Author or Name Browse” search.

Keyword -
Use this to find keywords in both the title and subject headings; combines a title keyword with a subject search.

Title Browse -
Search for all books with the same title or beginning of title, along with similar titles (example: “gun control” to “gun culture”).

Series Browse -
Allows you to search by the name of a series, when present in the book’s record (examples: “Reference shelf,” “The Dark Tower”).

Series Keyword -
Works like the “Series Browse” search.

Call Number -
Browse Use this to view all titles within a particular call number area (for example: “M” for “music”).

Results may be sorted by author, title, call number, or date. You can save the results of a search to a disk or have them emailed to you. Under the individual listings for each title, the “Status” indicator will tell you whether a book has been checked out or not.

When you are searching any database, on-line resource, etc, read the instruction on your screen!!
If you take a moment to do so before executing a command or initiating a search, you may save yourself time and trouble.


When you search TSJC’s collection on-line, your search results will give you the author, title, call number, and location of the books that match your search.

For example, if you are looking for books on the “World Series”, one of the titles that will be listed is:

“Dickey, Glenn” (Author)

“The history of the World Series Since 1903” (Title)

“GV863.a1 D52 1984” (call number of the book)

“TRIN LRC STACKS” (located in the TSJC library stacks)

You need to go to the library shelves/stacks to locate this particular book. Read the call number of the book alphabetically and sequentially line by line.

Library locations include:

· STACKS (Non-fiction) books are located on the first and second level in the library book stack room

· FIC (Fiction section), which is the last two shelves on the upper level of the stacks

· RES (Reserve room,) where our nursing, gunsmithing, & criminal justice collections are stored; this code also is used for local history, and for audio books & videos

· REF (Reference room)

· MCN (McNaughton collection) by the computers in the lobby

· STOR (Storage), ask a librarian for assistance with these

· MUS (Museum) these books are in the Archaeology museum, downstairs.

Card Catalog

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