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Assessment Committee

The  Assessment for Improvement of Student Learning Committee (AISLC) oversees all academic assessment efforts at Trinidad State College. The committee’s principle task is to help improve student learning through improvement of assessment processes, review of data, regular reporting, and course or program enhancement efforts. As a faculty-driven committee, the AISLC oversees the following campus-wide processes related to assessment:

  • Act as ‘assessment specialists’ and mentors for faculty regarding assessment processes, especially to ensure that understanding of the assessment system is consistent and improving.
  • Develop methods to assess and improve current assessment processes, reporting, results dissemination, analysis, and ‘closing the loop.’
  • Create and provide professional development opportunities for faculty including the annual Assessing Learning, Thinking, and Instruction at TSJC Using Displays and Examples (ALTITUDE) Conference, the December Assessment Day, and TracDat training.
  • Provide recommendations through an annual report to institutional stakeholders regarding learning assessment methodologies, quality of instruction, institutional policy, and related budget needs.
  • Ensure that assessment-related responsibilities of Academic Deans, Chairs, and faculty are clarified and understood.
  • Assist in the review and analysis of student learning, general education, and program outcomes reports with Chairs, Academic Deans, and President’s Staff. Make recommendations, as needed, for changes and revisions to outcomes.
  • Make recommendations to the President’s Staff for course, program, and institution-wide assessment-related changes.

Since 2011, AISLC has been the impetus for creating, supporting, and delivering  professional development to improve faculty’s global understanding of assessment. The yearly ALTITUDE Conference (Assessing Learning, Thinking, and Instruction at TSC Using Displays and Examples) is a deliberate effort to move away from assessing for accountability and toward assessing for improved student learning. The main goal of this conference is to enliven our conversations about teaching and learning at Trinidad State.