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General Education Assessment

General Education Assessment

General Education Philosophy Statement

The college defines general education as courses that are balanced and broadly-based, which expose the student to the mainstreams of thought and interpretation in humanities, sciences, communications, mathematics, social studies, and arts; and that develop the student’s understanding of the interrelationships among these fields of study. These courses must not be directly related to a student’s formal technical, vocational, or professional preparation.

Ultimately the college works toward the creation of an informed citizenry with the ability to think critically, communicate effectively, and solve problems, both qualitative and quantitative. The college strives to provide a general education that promotes tolerance, lifelong learning, and a devotion to free inquiry and free expression, to develop sensitivity to the needs of local and global community, and to contribute to society through civil habits of thought, speech, and responsible action."

The following five General Education Objectives (GEOs) were developed directly from the General Education Philosophy Statement above.

  1. Read & comprehend college level work
  2. Explain and defend ideas orally and in writing
  3. Examine ideas using critical reasoning
  4. Solve problems using logic, mathematics, computers, and creative thinking
  5. Demonstrate responsible citizenship

Common rubrics have been developed for each of these five GEOs.