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Assessment of Learning

Assessment of Learning

Trinidad State College is committed to the assessment of student learning as a strategy for understanding, confirming, and improving student learning in academic curriculum, programs, and services offered by the college. The Higher Learning Commission, and TSC, share a common definition of assessment, as “a participative and iterative process that:

  • Provides information regarding student learning,
  • Engages stakeholders in analyzing and using information on student learning to confirm and improve teaching and learning,
  • Produces evidence that confirms achievement of intended student learning outcomes, and
  • Guides broader educational and organizational improvement."

Assessment is a rich conversation about student learning informed by data.

Because students, faculty, staff, and administrators all play a role in student learning, assessment activities at TSC are conducted by academic, administrative, business, and student affairs departments and units. Assessment of student learning and satisfaction may take the form of surveys, standardized tests, program evaluation forms, focus groups, student projects, student reflective activities, or any of a variety of other mechanisms. Some assessment instruments are given to specific groups of students; others are given to students randomly selected from a group or groups of students. Assessments may be administered both inside and outside of the classroom. Some assessments may be voluntary; others may be required. Educational support unit and academic program assessment includes business and industry input; analysis of general education, learning, and program outcomes; and indirect measures such as surveys, student data, and other items as appropriate.

Assessment-related data are kept confidential for individual students and are released only in aggregate form. Unless the assessment tool is also part of the assignments for a course, student performance in the assessment activity does not affect course grades or progress toward graduation.

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