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Gunsmithing Technician Certificate

Gunsmithing student image

Gunsmiths around the country and the world know about Trinidad State. Graduates from our Gunsmithing School are scattered across the globe carrying on the traditions they learned in Trinidad.

For some the dream of putting their life on hold to attend school for two years is not possible. Trinidad State offers an opportunity for those students to attend short-term classes in the summer, which will earn them credit toward the Gunsmithing Technician certificate.

Gunsmithing Technician Certificate - 16 credits
Core classes required for certificate
Course Information Name Credit Hours
GUN 120 Basic Machine Shop 2
GUN 121 Advanced Machine Shop 2
GUN 116 Welding for Gunsmiths 2
GUN 103 Bluing 2
GUN 192 Benchmetal Hand Tools & Metallurgy 2
  Three electives from GUN courses offered for credit 6

Complete information including dates, instructor bio, tool/supply lists, and other credit-bearing summer courses, which can be used as electives is available on our NRA Courses website.

Basic Machine Shop (GUN120)
Incorporates instruction and hands-on experience in machine tool operation. Focuses on experience with the drill press, metalworking lathe, and milling machine in the manufacture of parts and tools

Advanced Machine Shop (GUN 121)
Provides further instruction and practice on machine tool operations. Focuses on rifle re-barreling techniques and advanced machine shop operations. Projects vary according to individual interests, but could include tool making or octagon barrels.

Welding for Gunsmiths (GUN116)
Serves as a forty-hour block of hands-on instruction in four welding processes: Oxy/Acetylene; Shielded Arc Welding; Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG); and Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (TIG). Emphasizes fabrication and repair of small metal fixtures and parts relating to the Gunsmithing industry.

Bluing (GUN103)
Covers bluing methods, chemicals, temperatures, and equipment. Incorporates hands-on experience with firearm disassembly, metal preparation, and bluing process.

Benchmetal Hand Tools and Metallurgy (GUN 192)
Introduces Gunsmithing tools and their use. Enables the student to make various specialized Gunsmithing hand tools. Includes filing, layout work, forging, soldering, brazing, basic metallurgy and heat treating, and shop safety.

For additional information contact Donna Haddow at 719-846-5724 or