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NRA Firearms Safety Instructor Certificate

ONLY 18 Credits!

Trinidad State is proud to announce the addition of the NRA Firearms Safety Instructor Certificate. Approved by the Colorado Department of Education and the Higher Learning Commission, this certificate may make it possible for students to use financial aid, GI Bill®, and Vocational Rehabilitation programs to pay for the classes depending on their eligibility.

Course Information Name Credit Hours
GUS 100 or GUR 101 Orientation and Firearms Safety or NRA Home Firearms Safety 0.5
GUR 106 NRA Basic Pistol Shooting 1
GUR 107 NRA Basic Shotgun Shooting 1
GUR 108 NRA Muzzleloading Pistol Shooting 1
GUR 109 NRA Muzzleloading Rifle Shooting 1
GUR 110 NRA Basic Rifle Shooting 1
GUR 111 NRA Muzzleloading Shotgun Shooting 1
GUR 120 NRA Range Safety Officer Course 0.5
GUR 200 NRA Basic Instructor Training 0.5
GUR 201 NRA Home Firearms Safety Instructor 0.5
GUR 206 NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Instructor 1
GUR 207 NRA Basic Shotgun Shooting Instructor 1
GUR 208 NRA Muzzleloading Pistol Instructor 1
GUR 209 NRA Muzzleloading Rifle Instructor 1
GUR 210 NRA Basic Rifle Shooting Instructor 1
GUR 211 NRA Muzzleloading Shotgun Instructor 1
GUR 250 Instructional Leadership 1
COM 115 Public Speaking 3
  Total Certificate 18

** Note:
If you have taken public speaking at another college, please ask us about transferring the credit to TSC in place of taking the class again.