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NRA Certified Training Center

NRA Courses:

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NRA Firearms Safety Instructor Certificate - Plan of Study

For information on other opportunities offered through the Gunsmithing Program, visit NRA Summer Program Gunsmithing Degree.

Why would you want to become an NRA Firearms Instructor?

  1. NRA Certified Instructors provide an invaluable service in their communities and as more Americans choose to exercise their right to own a firearm the demand for training courses and certified instructors increases.
  2. Being an NRA Certified Instructor is an incredibly rewarding experience and it feels good to help others receive the knowledge, skills, and attitude that lead to a lifetime of safe, enjoyable, and successful shooting activities.
  3. As an aspiring Gunsmith, promoting the use of firearms is essential to your business.
  4. Teaching the safe use of firearms is a way to earn extra money on the side.
  5. NRA firearms classes are widely accepted by Sheriffs who grant concealed carry permits to the public
  6. Taking NRA Firearms Safety Instructor courses while you are attending TSC allows you to use your financial aid or GI Bill to cover the cost.